Bigotry at its Worst, Chauvinism at its Ugliest – Hindus and other minorities under serious threat

By Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

Friday, 16th March, 2012, on the National Pages of Daily Dawn newspaper,’ a photograph was published with the news story: “Police Deny Arresting Convert.” The picture showed a downcast, depressed and dejected young man, Rajesh Kumar, who gave up his religion to marry a girl he loved, behind bars in one of the thousands unknown and uncharted prisons in this miserable country.

What a bigoted, chauvinistic and hypocrite this failed state, where the perverted Peers (religious leaders) and filthy Feudal Lords, celebrate when a young teen – a legally, morally and religiously minor and juvenile girl and still a mere child – Hindu girl, is forced and coerced, threatened and terrorized and savagely converted to Islam and, falsely and unnaturally, married off to a man, they, the idiots, scavengers, vultures of ignoble come out on streets and shout, “Allah-o-Akbar”.

And, when a young Muslim girl gets married to a Hindu young man, who had abandoned his religion for her sake, world turns upside down! Religion becomes an endangered and they goes into mourning! The young girl is kidnapped, with the help of barbarian Police officials, and sent back to her parents’ home. The young, newly converted Muslim man is arrested and thrust into prison! Is this an ‘Islamic’ justice?

This is bigotry at its peak, chauvinism at its zenith and lecherousness at its best! There is no parallel, anywhere in this wide world, to such vile prejudices and bias, one-sidedness and narrow-mindedness and cruel and tyrannical dogmatism and obstinacy!

We demand justice for Rajesh Kumar (now, Raza Muhammad) and his wife, Saman Shah. The Human Rights Commissions of Pakistan, Asia and the World are requested, pleaded and urged to help the cause of justice, fairness and humanity and, once again, unite the young couple to lead rest of their lives together with honour and dignity and without any encroachments to their rights and privacy. No bigotry, discrimination and religious persecution should be allowed to take place!

“Jiti na pakheeya peiru, titi timkei baahirree,

Bmio bmaareendo keiru, khaahoorrkei kheera reea.”

(Bhittai Saaeen)

“Land of nothingness, even a trace of bird not in sight,

There seekers of knowledge, kept fire burning bright,

Who else may ignite, such a fire of heart’s yearning?

None else but groups of Mountain Dwellers seeking.”

(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

The writer is an Educationist, Human Rights Activist, Inter-Faith Leader, Singapore

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Please read the story below;

Police deny arresting convert

SUKKUR, March 15: The SHO of Ghotki police station, Aijaz Dharejo, appeared in the court of the District and Session Judge on Thursday and denied, in a written statement, that Raza Mohammad (Rajesh Kumar) was in his custody. Rajesh Kumar, who had embraced Islam after marrying Saman Shah of Faisalabad, was reported to be in police custody and being forced to divorce his wife Saman Shah of Faisalabad. Petitioner Anwar Lohar, a lawyer who is also a human rights activist, contested the SHO’s statement, saying the boy was in police custody and had been shifted to an unknown place after media flashed the story. Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Loralai (Balochistan), embraced Islam three months ago, on the suggestion of Saman Shah, in Quetta at the hands of Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq Haqqani. He was renamed Raza Mohammad. He and Saman Shah had fallen in love on the internet. After marriage they settled down in Ghotki. Parents of Saman Shah came to Ghotki last month and

with the help of some influential figures, got Raza Mohammad arrested. They then went home with their daughter. Anwar Lohar told Dawn he would file a petition in the Sindh High Court’s Sukkur bench on Monday for recovery of Raza Mohammad. Despite police denial to arrest Rajesh, journalists found him locked up in a room in Ghotki police station.


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