JSQM Freedom March Rally

Desk News – Pushed to the wall, the people in Sindh seem to be coming together. First JST rally and today Jeeaey Sindh Qaumi Muhaz (JSQM’s) mammoth peaceful protest demonstration and highly successful rally in Karachi From Tibet center to Nemaish Chorangi against the atrocities and betrayals committed by the establishment of the deep state since 65 years and for the rights for the people of Sindh, and the re-establishment of the pre-1843 status of Sindh was the main demand of the Freedom March “Azadi Rally” organised especially on 23rd March by the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) Basheer Qureshi group. Hundreds of thousands people – mostly young men and women participated in the march – female participation was also strong in Freedom March. Due to the huge participation the major roads near Tibet center were blocked.

Sindh and the people of Sindh who have suffered heavily during last 65 years under various democratic as well as undemocratic regimes. “Sindh collects more than 71% of Pakistan’s total revenue, 70% of Pakistan’s total oil production, and 65% of its total natural gas production every year. Sindh is not the part of wars and proxies created by the security establishment of Pakistan but the Sindhis are constantly paying the price of the policies of the deep state. Speakers at the rally demanded that the independent pre-1843 status of Sindh be reinstated, while the participants of the march chanted anti-Pakistan slogans. Na khappy, na khappy, ‘Pakistan na khappy’, Sindh demands Freedom,  Sindhu Desh muqadar aa! ‘Sindh ghuray thee Azaadi!‘ (Sindh wants independence) ‘tunhjo desh munhjo desh, Sindhudesh, Sindhudesh!’ ‘maan natho manjjaan… anrrhy dastoor khay maan natho manjjaan!!’ Jeay Sindh flags waving affirming claim over Sindh and Qaumi Taraano (National Anthem) of Sindhudesh was sung by participants in the rally.

Sindh before Pakistan

Before 1843, Sindh had, as a sovereign state, signed a treaty with the British Raj, allowing the latter’s ships to pass through the River Sindhu. The Raj, in return, had to pay taxes to the Sindh government. Karachi port and  the Indus River had thus served as an important route for the British army in their war in Afghanistan.

More » click here to read Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) Chairman, Bashir Qureshi’s Speech in Freedom (Aazadi) March (Urdu version) – March 12, 2012

More details » BBC urdu


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