The Man Who Died Twice Explains Why We Shouldn’t Worry About God After All


Earlier this month we shared the story of Sasha Eliasson, the man who died twice last year—and lived to tell the world about it. The first time he died, Eliasson was left with no vital signs after the damage from a terrible motorcycle accident caused his body to shut down. His second death was during surgery several months later. Both of the clinical deaths lasted about two minutes time before doctors revived him.

When we shared his story it received more than 500,000 views from our readers, fascinated by his first-hand account of death.

“Death is death. Once you’re dead, that’s it. It’s over,” Eliasson said during his firstReddit AMA earlier this year. Instead of the “light at the end of a tunnel,” he said he felt only black emptiness—as if in a dreamless nap.

These words created controversy. By sharing his experiences with death, and his interpretation of the afterlife—or lack thereof—Eliasson has faced criticism, doubt, and even personal attacks for his claim that he experienced no afterlife.

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Just like Pakistani Sipah-e-Sahaba, now kuwaiti sipah-e-sahaba is in action

Death penalty for Muslims in Kuwait who curse God, Quran or Prophet


Kuwait’s parliament on Thursday passed a bill stipulating the death penalty for Muslims who curse or mock God, the Muslim holy book, all prophets and the wives of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed.

The same punishment is applied to those who “describe themselves as new prophets or messengers from God,” the Kuwaiti state news agency KUNA reported.

“But if the accused is a non-Muslim, the punishment would be lowered to jail for no more than 10 years,” the report added, according to the bill. …

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PAKISTAN: In a hate campaign against the Ahmadis the police tortured to death an innocent school teacher

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the illegal arrest, detention and custodial torture which led to the death of Mr Abdul Qudoos Ahmad, a school teacher and the president of the Nusrat Abad chapter of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, by the Chenab Nagar police. He was kept in illegal detention by the police for 35 days during which he was tortured without mercy. The torture included the victim being hung upside down by his ankles for long periods. On other occasions he was forced to lay flat on his back while a heavy wooden roller, similar to those used to flatten cricket pitches, was rolled over his body. His captors stood on either side making sure he could not escape the torment.

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