Dr. Arbab Khawar

کاهوڙي کجن

Arbab Khawar

Late Dr. Arbab Khawar

اعجاز منگي
اها وطن دوست انقلابي پارٽي پارٽي ڪٿي آهي؟
ڪٿي آهي، ان پارٽيءَ جو پرچم؟
جيڪو ڪفن بڻجي سگهي، سنڌ جي ان انقلابيءَ جو!
توڙي جو اڄ لاڙڪاڻي ۾ “ٻيڙيون ٻڌڻ وارن جي يونين” موجود ناهي پر هن جي وڇوڙي تي روهڙيءَ جي “لوڪوشيڊ” ۾ پراڻيون انجڻيون زنگيل ماٺ ۾ ماتم ڪري رهيون آهن.
آڻيو! ڪٿان ته آڻيو……!

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One Thousand Year Writers Block

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 95By Omar Ali

William Burroughs famously remarked that Islam had hit a one thousand year writer’s block. Is this assessment justified?  First things first: obviously we are not talking about all writing or all creative work. Thousands of talented writers have churned out countless works of literature, from the poems of Hafiz and Ghalib to the novels of Naguib Mahfooz and the fairy tales of innumerable anonymous (and amazing) talents . There is also no shortage of talent in other creative fields, e.g. I can just say  “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan” and be done with this discussion.  But what about the sciences of religion and political thought, or the views of biology, history and human society to which these are connected? Is there a writer’s block in these dimensions?

The correct answer would be “it depends”  or “compared to what”? After all, it’s not so much that everyone else in Eurasia stopped thinking 500 years ago, but rather than an explosion of knowledge occurred in Europe that rapidly outstripped other centers of civilization in Eurasia. And after a period of relative decline, the rest of the world is catching up. Culture matters, but cultures also evolve. For better and for worse, cultures in Japan and Taiwan are now full participants in the global knowledge exchange, both as consumers and as producers. Iran has been trying to move beyond previous (and obviously flawed) models of personal autocracy and hereditary rule interspersed with violent and devastating civil wars, for over a hundred years,  and the Islamic republic, for all its problems, is not a brain-dead culture.

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