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Shocking video shows ISIS fighters bartering for young women at ‘slave girl market’

By Chris Richards

Green and blue-eyed girls fetch the most money at the bazaar, held in Iraq’s second city Mosul

This shocking video purports to show Islamic State (ISIS) fighters bartering over Yazidi women at a “slave market”.

The clip shows ISIS militants negotiating the price of the girls from the Iraqi ethnic minority with traders.

Blue and green-eyed young girls fetch a higher price at what one of the men dubs “slave market day”.

The footage begins with this man saying to the camera: “Today is the slave market day.

“Today is the day where this verse applies: ‘Except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands possess, – for (then) they are not too be blamed’.

He then adds: “Today is distribution day God willing.

“Each one takes his share.”

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